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Essay United States vs. Mexico - 1195 Words

The United States of America and Mexico compare and contrast their differences when it comes to education, homeless rates, and their overall standard of living. The U.S and Mexico compare when it comes to homeless rates seeing as the numbers are increasing each year. As for education, Mexico lacks standard education, where as the United States has a higher standard for education. The overall standard of living in both countries is probably the biggest difference the two countries have. Mexico has many prosperous areas to it, but for the most part people who live in Mexico, live poor and on the streets. Children in Mexico usually have to get street jobs in order to help their families with poverty. The United States has its own level of†¦show more content†¦The United States has a different education system than Mexico. Elementary school is from kindergarten to fifth grade, ages 5 to 10. Then it goes to middle school or junior high school which is grades sixth through eighth and ages 11 to 13. After that is high school which are grades ninth through twelfth which is ages 14 to 17 or 18. It is illegal in the United States not to go to school, but some immigrants do not have enough money to go to school. Most kids in Mexico do not go to school because of the money or because they need to work instead to help their family. America and Mexico have different laws and systems as far as the education systems go. There are over one million children in America who are not getting an education because they have no money and are also homeless. As many as 3.5 million Americans are homeless each year, one million being children. Most homeless people are families who have been thrust into series of unfortunate events that left them with no money. For those living in poverty or close to the poverty line, an everyday life issue that may be manageable for individuals with a higher income can be the final factor in placing them on the street. America can compare with Me xico because most people who are homeless in Mexico are families. Although Mexico has a lot of homeless families on the street, it has more homeless street kids. SixShow MoreRelatedOrganized Crime Related Deaths / Murders898 Words   |  4 PagesPacifico Cartel vs. Tijuana cartel which is is located in Baja, California. 2. The Pacifico Cartel vs. Juarez Cartel, which affects the areas of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, and Durango. 3. The Pacifico Cartel vs Beltran Leyva Organization located in Nayarit, Sinaloa, Sonora, and Durango. 4. Jalisco Cartel Vs Nueva Generacion, located in Coloma and Jalisco. 5. Cartel pacific Sur vs â€Å"La Barbie† cartel, which is distributed through Districto Federal, Estato De Mexico, Guerro and Morelos. 6. Golfo Cartel Vs Zetas, locatedRead MoreManifest Destiny1380 Words   |  6 PagesManifest Destiny The expansion of the United States from its thirteen original colonies to the nation it is today was a very extensive process, involving numerous wars and treaties. The greatest one of these expansion periods occurred from the 1830s to the 1860s, largely due to the idea of Manifest Destiny, the belief that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent to the Pacific coast. This development played a major role in dividing the North and the South by contributingRead MoreEssay On The American Dream936 Words   |  4 PagesThe history of immigration in the United states defines the movement of immigrants and migrants to America seeking refugee from poverty, social strife, political turmoil, economic hardships and religious persecution. Starting with the European settlements in the 1600s and many waves of diverse groups of people migrated after thus creating this ideology known as the America Dream which encompasses the opportunity at a better life and growth in all as pects political, economic religious etc. But atRead MoreCross Cultural Psychology Notes Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pagesintelligent design is not real science because it is not supported by any scientific evidence.[1] They think it is a religious idea which should not be called scientific. Normality vs. Abnormality * * Your attitudes about â€Å"normality† are transient and arbitrary * * Values Universal (etic) vs. Culture specific (emic) Problems in therapy and in non therapy contexts†¦ Most therapists and people think their culture specific beliefs are â€Å"universal† * Latinos/as /Hispanics Read MoreMexican American War : The United States896 Words   |  4 Pagesbetween the United States and Mexico that began in 1846 and ended in 1848. This war broke out because of the unresolved conflicts between the U.S. and Mexico about the borders of Texas. Before 1836, Texas was a part of Mexico, but later it gained independence and named itself the Republic of Texas. After that, Texas was annexed by the United States. The Western and Southern borders of the state remained unclear, and tension between the two countries was rising regarding the territories. The United StatesRead MoreComing Together855 Words   |  4 Pagesarguably the greatest real estate deal in history. It more than doubled the size of the United States. We gained approximately 530 million acres of land for 15 million dollars; about four cents an acre. Before the purchase, the French had control over the land west of the Mississippi River. Therefore, by gaining this land, America also gained control of the Mississippi River and correspondingly, access to the Gulf of Mexico and the port of New Orleans. Because of The Louisiana Purchase, Americans had theRead MoreThe Zimmermann Telegram and Its True Purpose Essay849 Words   |  4 PagesGermany to the German minister in Mexico. This message, later to be known as the Zimmermann Telegram was the final piece to a German plot to embroil the United States into a war with Mexico, Japan or both in order to cripple Allied supply lines fueling Allied operations in Europe. The actual telegram was translated to as follows: We intend to begin on the first of February unrestricted submarine warfare. We shall endeavor in spite of this to keep the united States of America neutral. In the eventRead MoreUtah : Becoming A State1003 Words   |  5 Pages Utah is the 45th state to be a part of the United States on January 4, 1896. Home of the famous Mormon Temple and Mormon Tabernacle, Temple Square is a massive tourist attraction in Utah bringing up to three to five million people every year. And when it comes to Utah Constitution, it resemble the Federal Constitution. In 1848, the United States gained control of Utah from Mexico as a result of the Mexican-American War ( â€Å"Utah State History - 4 Becoming a State†, 2017 para. 1). In the Treaty ofRead MoreThe Manifest Destiny Essay884 Words   |  4 Pagescontinental expansion by the United States, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, which naturally occurred out of a deep want and need to explore and conquer new lands and establish new borders. This idea contributed to several wars, including the US-Mexican War. Mexico and the United States had its share of territorial issues. With only four more days of his presidency, on March 1, 1845, President John Tyler signed the Texas annexation bill. When the United States formally offered annexationRead MoreHealthcare And The United States Vs. Healthcare Essay1262 Words   |  6 Pagesin the United States vs Healthcare in Mexico The healthcare policies in Mexico and the United States are similar in that both healthcare systems utilize a combination of public and private insurance ( Healthcare has rapidly become an important topic in many countries. This comparison will focus on similarities in healthcare reform, healthcare insurance availability, healthcare access, and healthcare cost of both countries. Prior to healthcare reform in the US and Mexico, millions

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